February 01, 2022

Electreon Announces First Public Electric Road System for Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging in the US

Electreon won the Michigan Department of Transportation’s RFP for the inductive vehicle charging pilot and will deploy its technology in the heart of Detroit; This pilot is slated to be the first shared public Electric Road System (ERS) in the U.S.

BEIT YANAI, Israel & LOS ANGELES–Electreon (TASE: ELWS.TA), the leading provider of wireless and in-road wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, announced it will deploy its first public wireless EV charging road system in the U.S. The company won the RFP to build an Electric Road System (ERS) in Detroit as part of the inductive vehicle charging pilot program in partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification (OFME) and the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC). The wireless charging infrastructure, which will be implemented in the Michigan Central district, will support a suite of use cases involving various vehicle types and partners including autonomous vehicles. This news follows Electreon’s official entrance into the U.S. market earlier this month with the opening of the company’s Los Angeles office and addition of Corey Johnson, former speaker of the New York City Council, as a strategic consultant for the New York region.

“We are excited to enter the U.S. market and collaborate with industry leaders to further enhance the country’s mobility ecosystem,” said Stefan Tongur, vice president of business development, for Electreon in the U.S. “Michigan’s automotive industry roots built a foundation for mobility innovation and we’re thrilled to join this community of experts. We are looking forward to collaborating with departments of transportation, state and municipal agencies, and automotive and mobility industry innovators in Michigan, California and New York on charging infrastructure that’s vehicle agnostic and can be included in any electric vehicle. Our technology has the potential to support electric fleets of all types from public transit buses to delivery vans and long-haul trucks for logistics.”

Electreon will lead the design, evaluation, iteration, testing and implementation of the pilot program, which aims to be operational by 2023. The project is currently slated for a stretch of road up to one-mile long in Detroit and will include dynamic and stationary wireless EV charging. The project will be hosted by and live within Michigan Central, a mobility innovation district, and supported by Next EnergyFord Motor Co.DTEJacobs Engineering Group and the City of Detroit.

“Hosting the first wireless charging road system in the U.S. as part of the open platform we are providing at Michigan Central will serve as a magnet to attract innovators to test on this nationally significant asset joining in the work with Electreon, Next Energy and many others, and also show people the value electrification can create,” said Carolina Pluszczynski, Michigan Central development director. “We are excited to actively work with Electreon and source pilot opportunities with such innovators to leverage the open wireless charging system.”

Electreon’s award-winning charging infrastructure, which can wirelessly charge EVs while in-motion and stationary, is one of the first in the world to be successfully demonstrated on public roads. The company is actively operating pilots in GermanyItaly and Sweden, and is preparing to execute a recently signed commercial deal to provide a “plug free” charging network for 200 public buses in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“Here in Michigan, embracing bold innovations that transform the future of mobility and electrification is a part of our DNA,” said Trevor Pawl, chief mobility officer for the state of Michigan. “We are thrilled to see how Electreon’s proposals become a nationwide model for how we can continue accelerating electric vehicle adoption and usher in a new generation of transportation technologies.”

“It is a privilege to be working with the State of Michigan to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in the Motor City,” said Oren Ezer, CEO, Electreon. “This is a monumental step towards expanding our U.S. presence and team, and it’s exciting to start in the birthplace of the modern automobile industry. We plan to build on Electreon’s proven track record of success globally, and demonstrate its ability to help the U.S. realize its electrification and emissions reduction goals.”

About Electreon

Electreon is the leading provider of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), providing end-to-end charging infrastructure and services to meet the needs and efficiency demands of shared, public and commercial fleet operators and consumers. The company’s proprietary inductive technology dynamically (while in motion) and statically (while stopped) charges EVs quickly and safely, eliminating range anxiety, lowering total costs of EV ownership, and reducing battery capacity needs—making it one of the most environmentally sustainable, scalable, and compelling charging solutions available today. Electreon works with cities and fleet operators on a charging as a service (CaaS) platform that enables cost-effective electrification of public, commercial, and autonomous fleets for smooth and continuous operation. For more information, visit electreon.com.


Janine Ward
On behalf of Electreon