January 18, 2022

ElectReon Hires Former Speaker of the New York City Council Corey Johnson as Consultant for the US Market

Corey Johnson, who until recently served as speaker of the New York City Council, will join ElectReon to assist the company with bringing its vision of cost-effective and sustainable electric fleets to New York City and New York State.

BEIT YANAI, Israel–ElectReon (TASE: ELWS.TA), the leading provider of inductive in-road charging technology for commercial and passenger electric vehicles, today announced the addition of Corey Johnson, former speaker of the New York City Council, to the ElectReon team as a consultant for the U.S. market.

Mr. Johnson will play a major role in creating a comprehensive strategy for the electrification of fleets for New York’s unique needs utilizing ElectReon’s wireless charging services. Mr. Johnson will provide strategy on how to engage with different state and city entities, enter into discussions with customers, and provide overall support to ensure cost-effective and seamless operations without the following: the real estate and visual impact that traditional charging solutions cause, the need for large polluting vehicle batteries, and the stress on the state and city electric grids due to peaks in transport power demand.

ElectReon selected Mr. Johnson to serve in this role because he shares the team’s vision of enabling the most efficient and sustainable shift to electric mobility possible, as his record as council speaker shows. In 2019, Mr. Johnson led New York’s visionary Streets Master Plan, in which he successfully campaigned to break the city’s car culture. The bill mandated 50 miles of bike lanes and 30 miles of dedicated bus lanes on an annual basis, with many additional people and transit-focused initiatives to provide New York residents with viable alternatives to private vehicle ownership.

Following the establishment of the company’s U.S. subsidiary, and as part the company’s U.S. market penetration strategy, ElectReon identified the state of New York as a major potential market. New York is a perfect location due to its prime global positioning and the vast number of fleets operating in the city and state, including public bus and school bus fleets, shared mobility solution fleets such as taxis, and commercial vans and truck fleets. In the backdrop of the recent bipartisan infrastructure law passing and New York City’s announcement of its ambitious plans to reduce greenhouse emissions, ElectReon aims to alleviate the major challenges of shifting the city and state’s current fleets to zero-emission electric fleets with its unique wireless charging solutions. This will enable the state to accelerate its vision of sustainable transportation and clean air for all residents.

“We are very excited to join forces with Corey Johnson, who is an expectational individual with a great passion for everything he does,” said Oren Ezer, CEO of ElectReon. “We are honored that, as part of his commitment to making the world a better place, he chose to help our company penetrate the New York market and we are thrilled to join efforts towards creating a more sustainable future for the state.”

“ElectReon is the future and I couldn’t be more thrilled to join this bold and visionary team to help transform transportation globally,” said Corey Johnson. “New York City and New York State have been leading the way to combat climate change and to be on the cutting edge of new technology. I am excited and incredibly honored to join ElectReon as a consultant and strategist to help them make New York City and State a better, more sustainable place to live.”

About ElectReon

ElectReon is the leading provider of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), providing end-to-end charging infrastructure and services to meet the needs and efficiency demands of shared, public and commercial fleet operators and consumers. The company’s proprietary inductive technology dynamically (while in motion) and statically (while stopped) charges EVs quickly and safely, eliminating range anxiety, lowering total costs of EV ownership, and reducing battery capacity and power needs—making it one of the most environmentally sustainable, scalable, and compelling charging solutions available today. ElectReon works with cities and fleet operators on a charging as a service (CaaS) platform that enables cost-effective electrification of public, commercial, and autonomous fleets for smooth and continuous operation. For more information, visit electreon.com.


Janine Ward
Antenna on behalf of ElectReon