ASPIRE Demonstration

The first live showcase of wireless Electric Road technology in North America

In March 2022, Electreon announced their selection to participate in a demonstration of dynamic wireless charging as part of a 50 meter wireless Electric Road System at Utah State University’s ASPIRE research test track in North Logan, Utah. ASPIRE is an engineering research center funded by the United States government’s National Science Foundation that is helping to develop new solutions for sustainable transportation.

The primary goal of this demonstration is to exhibit the validity of wireless Electric Road technology for future potential commercial projects involving e-trucks at ports and on electrified highways across the U.S. The demonstration will have both government/public sector and industry/private sector individuals in attendance, thereby introducing Electreon to new partners and prospective clients.

Project Details

  • Construction start date: Mid 2022
  • Operation start date: Fall 2022
  • Project status: Complete
  • Application: Inter-city highway and port
  • Vehicle type: Heavy-duty e-truck with a lithium-Ion battery
  • Roadway length: 50 meters (0.03 miles)

Our Partners