SITEC Project – Shandong Province, China

Entrance into the Chinese market with wireless charging for e-buses and e-trucks

In October 2023, Electreon announced plans to enter the Chinese electric vehicle market by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Shandong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community for International Science and Technology Cooperation (SITEC), a provincial science and technology innovation arm led by Shandong Hi-Speed Group (SDHS). The agreement outlines the framework for introducing Electreon's groundbreaking charging technologies in Shandong province, the second largest province in China.

Phase one of the strategic agreement will focus on Electreon’s dynamic wireless Electric Road technology at the Jinan Shandong Hi-Speed Industrial Park for e-buses, which can be used by SITEC personnel. The subsequent phase of the partnership focuses on deploying tens of kilometers of Electreon’s wireless Electric Road technology and hundreds of stationary charging stations for urban e-buses, with a focus on the city of Liaocheng, in the west of Shandong province. The third phase will introduce a wireless charging solution for electric trucks operating within the Weifang Port.

Project Details

  • Construction start date: 2023
  • Operation start date: 2024
  • Project status: Planned
  • Application: Urban city buses and port trucks
  • Vehicle type: E-buses and heavy-duty e-trucks
  • Roadway length: Tens of kilometers of wireless Electric Road for dynamic charging of e-buses and heavy-duty e-truck, with up to hundreds of additional static wireless charging stations, deployed throughout several phases.

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