Trondheim Electric Road Project

First wireless electric road in Norway

In June 2023, Electreon announced plans to deploy their technology as part of the first wireless Electric Road System in Norway. The project will feature Electreon’s wireless dynamic charging along an AtB bus route on a public road next to AtB’s bus depot in Trondheim, Norway. AtB is a public transport fleet operator in Trondheim fully owned by the Trøndelag County Transportation Authority.

The project will focus on evaluating the benefits and impact of Electron’s wireless dynamic charging in a BRT scenario, in the unique geographic conditions of Trondheim. In addition, a series of tests for understanding the energy transfer capabilities in both drive and stopping modes along the Electric Road System will also showcase the technology’s maturity and ability to operate in real-world scenarios for buses driving on a BRT. The success of this project will serve as the basis for a long-term plan by AtB to establish a comprehensive Electric Road System in Trondheim as a shared charging platform for multiple vehicle types owned and operated by AtB.

Project Details

  • Construction start date: 2024
  • Operation start date: 2024
  • Project status: Planned
  • Application: Inter-city public road
  • Vehicle type: Electric bus with a lithium-ion battery
  • Roadway length: Wireless ERS along BRT for dynamic charging

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