BDX Project – Sweden

Wireless EV charging for last mile delivery and logistics operator

In November 2023, Electreon announced plans to install their technology as part of their first project to support last mile delivery and logistics vehicles. The project will support BDX, a Swedish logistics company based in the Stockholm area which serves as the transport operator for Ahlsell AB, a leading distribution company in the Nordic region. It will include the deployment of a static wireless charging solution at an Ahlsell facility to support charging for the van.

The project will showcase the increased uptime and operational benefits of wireless charging and will feature Electreon’s first project for a last mile delivery vehicle use case scenario, which includes wireless charging at both the loading dock as well as when the vehicle is parked at the depot overnight. Additional benefits will include eliminating the need for driver intervention for charging, as well showcasing the durability and efficiency of Electreon’s technology being able to charge vehicles in Stockholm’s cold winter environments.

Project Details

  • Construction start date: 2024
  • Operation start date: 2024
  • Project status: Planned
  • Application: Last mile delivery and logistics
  • Vehicle type: Electric van
  • Roadway length: N/A - static (stationary) wireless charging for e-van

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