Tel Aviv University Station

A milestone in urban wireless Electric Road Systems

In September 2020, Electreon partnered with the city of Tel Aviv and the Dan Bus Company to create its first operational, public wireless Electric Road System (wERS) for the urban environment in Israel.

This wireless Electric Road project includes a wireless electric charging station at the Tel Aviv University Train Station bus terminal, which charges the stationary e-bus when passengers are boarding and disembarking the vehicle. This charging strategy makes optimal use of idle time at the first stop of the route to charge the bus.

Tel Aviv University Station results

The newly electrified bus line created a seamless, multimodal public transport experience for students traveling between Tel Aviv University Train Station and the nearby Ramat Aviv neighborhood. It also offered a viable alternative to the use of private vehicles in an already congested area. Some key concluding results of this project were:

  • The project showcased the maximized benefits of a combined wireless charging solution: dynamic charging on the Electric Road on the university campus in addition to stationary wireless charging at the endpoint.
  • The project validated Electreon’s benefits of reduced service downtime for charging for the e-bus, an increase in the operational uptime of the e-bus, and a significant reduction in required vehicle battery size from on-route charging: 42 kWh from an original 400 kWh battery – a nearly 90% reduction in size!
  • The pilot project’s success with the transport operator created the framework for a larger commercial agreement with the same operator, showcasing Electreon’s go-to-market strategy. 

Project Details

  • Construction start date: September 2020
  • Operation start date: March 2021
  • Project status: Complete
  • Application: Urban public transportation
  • Vehicle type: Electric bus with 42 kwh supercapacitor technology
  • Roadway length: 700 meters, part of 5 km circular bus route and a wireless charging station for stationary charging

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