Caesarea Business Park

Wireless EV charging solution for innovative business hub

In December 2023, Electreon installed its technology as part of a solution to support the operation of an electric bus at the Caesarea Business Park in Caesarea, Israel. The project will include the deployment of a static wireless charging solution at the business park, and includes the Caesarea Development Corporation, who manages the development of the Caesarea Business Park and overseas clean energy and environmental sustainability projects throughout the city, as well as Asia Tours, the transport operator of the shuttle bus.

The project will showcase the increased uptime and operational benefits of wireless charging for an eBus that will shuttle hi-tech and biotech employees, passengers, and visitors between the Caesarea – Pardes Hanna train station and the Caesarea Business Park. The project is part of the Caesarea Development Corporation’s plans to introduce innovative and unique technology projects to the Business Park and the overall area.

Project Details

  • Construction start date: 2023
  • Operation start date: 2023
  • Project status: Live
  • Application: Urban public transportation
  • Vehicle type: Electric bus with lithium-ion batteries
  • Roadway length: N/A - static (stationary) wireless charging for e-shuttle bus

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