eCharge BASt

Developing a functional viable solution for dynamic charging

In February 2021, Electreon was selected to participate in Germany's eCharge Project, a transportation electrification initiative funded by the Roads Innovation Program of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). The consortium also includes Volkswagen and Eurovia, a transport infrastructure and urban development company which is a subsidiary of Vinci.

As part of the project, Electreon is providing its wireless dynamic charging infrastructure, as well as integrating its vehicle receiver technology, to a VW e-Crafter electric van which will be used for testing on the wireless Electric Road.
The project will focus on road integrity, connecting to renewable energy sources to provide electricity to the road, and the billing interface with private vehicles –  demonstrating the suitability of wireless dynamic charging for highway applications. Electreon is building the Wireless Electric Road together with its European construction partner, Eurovia, at DuraBASt, the German national road test facility, located near Cologne, Germany.

Project Details

  • Construction start date: Early 2022
  • Operation start date: Mid 2022
  • Project status: Complete
  • Application: Inter-city highway
  • Vehicle type: Electric van
  • Roadway length: 100m of ERS

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